Our Best Selling Model ``EFE TRAIN``

The Efe Model Train, a showcase of excellence in electric locomotives, features a five-car configuration comprising a locomotive, an open coal car wagon, and three covered passenger wagons.

Operating Area

Allame, which has been operating in the sector since 1985, has been established in Denizli Center on a 2.000 m² closed production area.

Electric Trams

Nostalgic Trams

Our nostalgic tram series are uniquely beautiful vehicles designed by our engineers, bearing the traces of nostalgic trams built in history and produced by our experienced production team in line with customer requests and demands.

double decker electric tram garatrain

High Durability

High Quality Workmanship

Our chassis designs with high durability features, combined with quality materials and high quality workmanship, ensure the emergence of both eye-appealing and functional products.
Wood details are carefully processed with special hand workmanship and a special effort is shown in every detail.

We Love our Clients, And They Love Us

“Working with GARATRAIN was a great decision to increase the attractiveness of our theme park. Thank you for combining electric trains with high quality design and reliability. Our visitors are very happy with this unique experience!”

Matt Gilbert

“Our electric trams have transformed our city transportation. Thanks to GARATRAIN’s high-quality and green solutions, our service quality has improved and our city dwellers have a more comfortable transportation experience.”

Izmir Municipality

“Efe train allowed us to create a unique attraction for our amusement park. The electric train Efe has become a favorite of our visitors. Thank you for their cooperation!”

Nicky Johnson

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