Mini Electric Trains

Mini Electric Trains Manufacturer, Why Us?

When we manufacture our mini electric trains and all other products, we attach great importance to details. These are the details that increase the quality. We are aware that we produce to the entertainment industry. That’s why visuality and attraction are extremely important to us.

Quality and durability are extremely important with the design. We make a special effort for our customers to use mini electric trains and all our other products for many years without problems. All parts used in our products are materials in Class 1. In addition, all the parts we use have quality certificates.

We manufacture our mini electric trains and all other products at European standards. We also have all the necessary quality certificates for these standards. All our trains are designed in accordance with EN 13814: 2019 – Fair Area and Amusement Park Machinery and Structures – Safety requirements.

Mini Electric Trains

Where can mini electric trains be used?

The usage places of these mini electric trains depend on the imagination of our customers.

zoos, amusement parks, carnivals, parades, shopping malls, demonstration areas, picnic lanes and many other places are extremely suitable for the use of these trains.

Many of our customers have started preparations for the spring season and summer season and are contacting us.
If you are considering having a mini electric train before the season begins, contact us to discuss all the details.

EN 13814 Certificate