electric fast train


Electric Fast Train in one of our special productions. It’s miniature copy of the fast train. The Fast Train is made from environmentally friendly, durable materials that is harmless to children’s health. This train has LED light animation, powerful speakers and mp3 player.

Designed for children, Electric Fast Train can be used anywhere off road, such as shopping malls, zoos and parks.

It is a product that children can have an unforgettable time with their parents.


Maximum Speed 6 km/h
Sizes (L*W*H) 320X78X130 cm
Electric Engine 48V BLDC motor
Batteries 12V 60A * 4 adet tracer battery
Charge Time 8 H
Engine Controller 48V 60A
Wheels Back 3.00x.8’ – Front 3.50×6’
Wieght 550 kg
Distance(km) 50 km full charge
Maximum carrying capacity 360 kg
wheels 3.50×6’
Passenger capacity 14 children
Turning circle 4,5 mt
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