Electric London Bus

Iconic London Bus

The Electric London Bus Model is a meticulously crafted miniature replica of the iconic London bus. Its professionally engineered body is constructed from fiberglass polyester, while the chassis is made of durable metal.


Committed to children's well-being, the bus is crafted from environmentally friendly materials, ensuring harmlessness to children's health. Featuring LED light animations, powerful speakers, and an integrated MP3 player, this bus is thoughtfully designed for children, making it suitable for diverse off-road environments such as shopping malls, zoos, and parks. It promises an unforgettable experience for children and their parents alike.

  • Maximum Speed : 8km/h
  • Sizes (L*W*H): 365X120X240 cm
  • Motor: 48V motor
  • Batteries: 8 pcs 225Ah
  • Capacity: 20 children or 8 adult
  • Turning circle: 4 mt