Electric Mall Train Trackless Train

Electric Trackless Train Efe Model

Our electric trains, meticulously crafted through customer-centric orders and in-house Research and Development initiatives, offer customizable passenger capacities. These bespoke products are meticulously designed by our engineering team and manufactured by our production team. Each one represents a unique synthesis of engineering excellence and manufacturing precision.


The Efe Model, consisting of a 5-car configuration, includes a locomotive, an open coal car wagon, and three covered passenger wagons. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the steel main frame of the locomotives and wagons has demonstrated long-lasting durability, employing a water and shock-resistant marine counter to preserve its innovative form over the years. Efe prioritizes passenger comfort with foam and leatherette-covered seating groups.

Maximum Speed : 8km/h
Sizes (L*W*H): 280X105X185 cm
Motor: 48V DC motor
Batteries: 8 pcs 225Ah
Battery Charge: Automatic
Charge Time : 8 hour
Controller: 48V 200A
Wheels: Back 4.50x.10’ – Front 4.0×8’
Weight: 700 kg
Distance(km): 50 km full charge

Coal vagon size: 140x90x100 cm
Passenger vagons size: 140X90x170 cm
Terraces vagon size: 140X90x170 cm
Max. carrying capacity: 320 kg/ each wagon
Wheels: 3.50×6’
Travelers: 24 children or 16 adult
Turning circle: 4,5 mt