electric mall train, trackless train

electric mall train, trackless train

Electric mall train, trackless train efe is a 5 car configuration and is comprised of one locomotive, one open coal car wagon and 3 covered passenger wagons. Efe Train is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The main frame of steel locomotives and wagons for many years using water and shock resistant marine counter keeps its innovation without deforming. Efe is covered with foam and leatherette seating groups for the convenience of passengers.


Maximum Speed 8km/h
Sizes (L*W*H) 280X105X185 cm
Motor 48V DC motor
Batteries 8 ad 200a Tracer battery – American Trojan Batteries
Battery Charge Automatic
Charge Time 8H
Controller 48V 200A
Wheels Back 4.50x.10’ – Front 4.0×8’
Wieght 650 kg
Distance(km) 50 km full charge
Coal vagons sizes 140x90x100 cm
Passenger vagons sizes 140X90x170 cm
Terraces vagons sizes 140X90x170 cm
Maximum carrying capacity 210 kg/ every wagon
wheels 3.50×6’
Travelers 24 children or 16 adult
Turning circle 4,5 mt

Shopping Mall Train dimensions

Electric mall train, trackless train main chassis is steel. Resistant to water and impact, it is coated with 90 C° pressed laminate, which maintains its innovation for many years without deformation.

Seating groups are covered with an electrostatic painted wooden seat or sponge and artificial leather fort he comfort of passengers. Window frames and accessories are made of laminated parquet or aluminum jelly on wooden floors of polyurethane material.

Electric mall train, trackless train has LED light animation powerful speakers, mp3 player, steam and flame animation, mp3 player, four different voice (railway sound of the train horn etc.) Quiet and safe working conditions, work both indoor and outdoor areas, hotels, resorts, shopping centers are ideal for profitable investment tool.

Electric mall train, trackless train It is safe, can be stopped instantly by hydraulic disc brakes, can be stationary at inclined places with the handbrake, and there is also a power-off switch for cutting off the battery in case of emergency.

Trackless trains are one of the most popular toys among kids since a long time now due to its attractive nature. It is seen because of its huge popularity there are myriad of companies that have been in the business of making trackless trains for the children. If you are searching to buy one of such trains then you should pick the best Tracless train manufacturer for your aid.

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