Electric Phaeton


The Phaeton is completely similar to the original horse-drawn carriage and is designed for use with electric motor and battery. The electric, motor and steering parts of the phaeton are made by our company.

Wheels, axles, paint and all the accessories have been built Turkey’s largest and highest quality carriage factory. The phaeton has been manufactured with meticulousness by remaining faithful to the original.

The products used are high quality and latest technology products.Acrylic lining and paint are used in our products.

Designed and modified according to the customer’s request.For night use, there are original foot pedestrian warning, horn sounds like mp3 radio horn, foot pedal with gas pedal, hydraulic brake, and horse foot tones adapted for original handbrake for fixed stops.Phaeton uses battery as energy source.

Optional petrol silent motor can be used.It can be used in areas such as children’s parks, zoo gardens, beach side, wedding halls, tourist areas.

It is a memorable nostalgic experience.


Maximum Speed 20 km/h
Sizes (L*W*H) 380X158X220 cm
Electric Engine 48V BLDC motor
Batteries 6V 225A * 8 adet
Charge Time 6-8 H
Wheels Back 104 cm – Front 74 cm
Wieght 890 kg
Distance(km) 60-70 km full charge
Max. Capacity 4 adult
Electric Phaetons
Electric Phaeton manufacturer