Ladybug Features

LADYBUG is one of our special products. Our team of Professional high Quality FRP body, chassis part are made of metal constructions.

LADYBUG with the electric motor acting on the basis of the concept of the classic train child health harmless, environmentally friendly, longlasting and robust materials are produced using. Silicone around wagons LED İnterior lighting, for music used fort he speaker.

Designed for children LADYBUG shopping centers, zoos, parks, such as available off the domains pedestrian areas. Parents of children with a product that is unforgettable good time.

Max speeds : 10km/h
Dimensions : (L*W*H) / 9200*1130*116
Motor : 48V BLDC MOTOR
Battery : 4 ad 60A jel
Battery Charge : Automatic
Charge time : 8 hour
Controller : 48V 60A
Wheels : back 4.00*8’- front 3.50*6’
Wheight : 200 kg + 4 vagons 240 kg
Distance : 40-50 km ful şarj ( full charge )
Vagons weights : 60 kg * 4 240 kg
Max capasite : 16 chiltren / 8 adult
Vagons Wheels: 3.50*6