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Electric Trackless Train Models

Our electric trains, meticulously crafted through customer-centric orders and in-house Research and Development initiatives, offer customizable passenger capacities. These bespoke products are meticulously designed by our engineering team and manufactured by our production team. Each one represents a unique synthesis of engineering excellence and manufacturing precision.


The Maxi Model, featuring a 4-car configuration, consists of a locomotive and three covered passenger wagons. Specifically designed to accommodate both adults and children, Maxi Trains are equipped with larger wagons. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the steel main frame of the locomotives and wagons demonstrates enduring durability, employing a water and shock-resistant marine counter to preserve its innovative design over the years. The Maxi Train prioritizes passenger comfort with its foam and leatherette-covered seating groups.

  • Maximum Speed : 10km/h
  • Sizes (L*W*H): 300X120X190 cm
  • Motor: 72V DC motor
  • Batteries: 12 pcs 225Ah
  • Capacity: 30 children or 20 adult
  • Turning circle: 7,5 mt