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The main chassis of this product, which is suitable for adults, is not deformed for many years since it produces steel, locomotives and wagons from marine counterparts that are resistant to water and impact.

Fort he convenience of the passengers sitting groups are covered with sponge and artificial leather. This trains has LED light animation, powerful speaker and mp3 player, steam and flame animation, mp3 player, four diffrenet voice (railvay sound of the train horn etc).

Quiet and safe working conditions, work both indoor and outdoor areas, hotels, resorts, shopping centers are ideal for profitable investment tool.

It is safe, can be stopped instantly by hydraulic disc brakes, can be stationary at inclined places with the handbrake, and there is also a power-off switch for cutting off the battery in case of emergency.


Maximum Speed 8km/h
Sizes (L*W*H) 300X115X1900 cm
Electric Engine 48V 3KW BLDC motor
Batteries 6V 225 AH * 8 unit traction battery
Battery Charge Automatic
Charge Time 8H
Engine Controller 48V 200A
Wheels Back 4.0×8’ – Front 4.50×10’
Wieght 850 kg
Distance(km) 50 km full charge
Coal vagons sizes 220x115x120 cm
Passenger vagons sizes 220X115x220 cm
Chobose vagons sizes 220X115x220 cm
Maximum carrying capacity 500 kg/ every wagon
wheels 4.00×8’
Travelers 36 children or 24 adult
Turning circle 7,5 mt
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