Trackless Train Park

Electric Trackless Train Park Model

Our electric trains, meticulously crafted through customer-centric orders and in-house Research and Development initiatives, offer customizable passenger capacities. These bespoke products are meticulously designed by our engineering team and manufactured by our production team. Each one represents a unique synthesis of engineering excellence and manufacturing precision.


Electric Trackless Train Park Model is a 4 car configuration and is comprised of 1
locomotive, 3 covered passenger wagons. Park model has larger wagons for adults
and children. Trackless Train Park Model is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
The Park train, which has 9 adult seats in each wagon, has 3 wagons as standard. It
can be increased up to 5 wagons in total.

Max. Speed: 12 km/h
(L*W*H): 300X120X190 cm
Engine: 48V-72V engine
Battery: 12 pieces of 225Ah traction battery
Charge Time: 8h
Wheel: Rear 4.50x.10′ – Front 4.0×8′
Weight: 700 kg
Range (km): 60 km

Glass: All of the wagons are suitable for use in
areas such as indoor and outdoor parks.
There are openable windows.
Passenger wagon (L*W*H): 310X135x225 cm
Max. Carrying capacity: 720 kg/ each wagon
Wheels: 4.00×8′
Capacity: 27 adults
Turning Diameter: 9 m
Seat: Custom wooden seat