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Panda Features

PANDA is one of our special products. Our team are proffesional high Quality FRP body, chassis parts are made of metal constructions.

PANDA with the electric motor acting on the basis of the concept of the classic train child health harmless, environmentally friendly, long-lasting and robust materials are product using. Silikon around wagons LED interior lighting, for music used for the speaker.

Designed for children PANDA shopping centers, zoos, parks, such as available of the domains pedestrian areas.Parents of children with a product that is unforgettable good time.

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Max Speed 8km/h

Motor 48v DC motor

Batery 4ad 40A Jell Gel Traksiyoner Akü

Charge Automatic

Charge Time 8H

Controller 48v 35A

Wheels 4.00*8 – Ön 3.0*4

Weight 175 kg + 5 vagon 420 kg


Distance 50 km Full Charge


5 pcs 1600*970*1300mm

Wagon Weight 50kg*5 250kg

Maximum Capasity 450 kg

Wagon Wheels / 3.50*6

Pessenger / 10 Kids / 5 Adults

Turning Circle 4 mt

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